CAD Cut Systems

Using computer aided design we can produce signage from a range of materials including foam board, acrylic, metal and MDF. Any shape can be cut to reproduce a company logo, emblem as well as lettering. The finished shapes can come in a variety of colours, if they are made from acrylic or they can have vinyl or digital prints applied to them or simply paint.

They are then commonly mounted using a system called simple fix which spaces them off the surface they are being applied to giving a very professional finish. For that real 3D look acrylic can be used to create built up lettering which can be of various thickness to give a really bold effect.

Cad Cut restaurant lettering
8X4 (8 by 4) Media logo
Honda exhibition wall featuring cad cut letteringCad cut display boardSignage on the front of a pub/restaurant using acylic cut lettering