Every good advertisement starts with a good design. Our team of in-house designers use the latest computer software to produce the perfect design to fit your company's requirements. Whether outrageous or subtle, we will tailor the design to fit your companies image with the main aim being to get your message and corporate identity across.

Recent examples of our design work are a 3d simulation of an Exhibition stand (top left) for Glenair Micro Systems, and a project that went from the drawing board to Exhibtion Centre for Kinetico Water Solutions (bottom left)

8x4 media; Exhibition Stand concept
8X4 (8 by 4) Media logo
Glenair exhibition stand 3d model representation

3d model concept for Glenair exhibition stand.

Kinetico exhibition stand visual

Part of an exhibition stand visual for Kinetico

Kinetico Exhibition stand

A view of the finished stand