Digital Printing

Our range of printers include an inkjet printer that uses the very latest environment friendly eco-solvent plus inks and the most up to date thermal ink transfer printer on the market. The inkjet printer prints the very highest quality images up to 54" wide and is ideal for when large graphics of photographic quality are required.

The thermal transfer printer has the great advantage of being able to print white, silver, gold and fluorescent colours and can be used for outdoor applications without the need for laminating. It is perfect for producing special effects that other printers just can't achieve.

Both printers can take a wide range of media which include the following...

8X4 (8 by 4) Media logo
Changing rooms completely covered with digital graphics

Changing rooms completely covered with digital graphics

A pair of Topshop Scooters with complete vehicle wrap applied

A pair of scooters for Topshop showing complete vehicle wrap

Vehicle wrap used for advertising on the rear of a minibus

Vehicle wrap on the rear of a minibus.

Contavision applied as part of a Burton's shop front display

Contavision used as part of the shop front display for Burtons

McDonald's new store hoarding

A McDonalds hoarding using blue back paper